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Aerials, Decoders, TV Antenna - Supply and Installation or Repair

Waimak Aerials servicing North Canterbury are Aerial, Satellite Dishes and TV Antenna installation specialists. We have extensive experience with all types of Aerials, Satellite dishes, TV antennas and much more. If you want perfect TV reception that will perform for years ahead you should consult us for a free quote!

Pre-wire your NEW home or Upgrade Wiring for any Renovations

Building a new home or renovating an existing home? Not sure what is required or have been provided over priced wiring quotes? Allow Waimak Aerials to pre-wire your new home as you build or upgrade your existing home wiring. We specialize in all forms of electrical work.

TV Reception Repair

The most commonly asked question we get is “Why does only 1 TV point play up or why does only one TV channel pixelate?” If you have a situation where only one particular TV point is receiving weak signal but the other TV outlets do indeed have a strong signal than this is usually a relatively easy and inexpensive fix.

However if you have only one particular channel that is ‘pixelating’ sometimes the answer is often not what people want to hear: – It can at times mean that all channels are weak, (the channels are just not pixelating yet – but will – soon) and you need to fix the weak signal (whatever that may be). Now, that may be a simple easy fix or it can mean a complete TV antenna overhaul.

Many of the existing Universal Type TV antenna’s struggle to pull in enough signal for your modern TV. A simple upgrade to a suitable UHF antenna will fix this. We can supply, install and tune these antenna’s to get you crystal clear reception on all your TV’s! Contact Waimak Aerials today!

TV and Speaker Wall Mounting

Waimak Aerials have one motto when it comes to TV and Speaker Wall mounting: any brand. any size. anywhere! That’s right! We can and will wall mount your TV or put your TV on the wall in places where others have said it cannot be done.

Whilst not all TV Wall Mounting jobs are custom jobs; in fact most are quite straight forward (for the professionals anyway). Give us a call and let us take care of what you need mounted!

Home Theatre Installation and Support

Waimak Aerials are setting the standard in the industry for professional home theatre installation and service. We can help you tailor a package or install customer supplied equipment from simple setups to full blown media rooms.

Simple Setups or Complex – we will make your home theatre installation simple to use and show you how to use it! Media Rooms or home theatre installation with surround sound or something small as adding a universal remote. We also will make you a proud home owner as you show off your prized home theatre system.

Sound Bar Installation

Do your TV speakers deliver a ‘Tinny Sound’ with little bass? Get the sound quality and professional look you deserve, by contacting Waimak Aerials to install a Sound Bar. These can be installed mounted under your TV, on the wall or simply on your TV Cabinet with no sign of cables (if required) or a trace of a bracket to be seen.

Extra TV points

Waimak Aerials  install extra & additional TV points (or any type of wall plug you can think of) in your home, office or building. Whether you are renovating an existing home or building a brand NEW home. Our TV point installation motto is: any where you want, as many as you want!

Waimak Aerials are digital TV experts. We make sure all TV points are working the way they should which is picture perfect reception on ALL channels, on ALL TV points – ALL OF THE TIME!

Universal Remotes

Juggling 3 or more remote controls for all your hi fi gear… Does this sound familiar? Then you should get a universal remote. Unfortunately there are a lot of universal remotes out there that give universal remotes a bad name. A good one programmed properly will give you the peace of mind that you may be seeking. Contact us to help setup a universal remote that will give you complete control over your system.

We aim to have you becoming a master of your own system even if your a technophobe. Pressing one button to power up your whole system and having it fool-proof so that you can’t stuff it up no matter what button you press is our specialty. Call Waimak Aerials today!

Freeview TV, Sky Television, Paid TV (Netflix etc) Setup and Tune

Did you know you can distribute your ‘Paid TV subscription’ to additional or multiple televisions in the home. (Same channel only) The latest technology lets us split the signal to as many TVs as you want. Allowing you to view legal Pay TV (that you pay for on one box) to additional monitors/televisions. Call Waimak Aerials today to make an enquiry.

TV Tuning and Setup

At Waimak Aerials, we understand how difficult technology can be. You may find it’s just not worth your while to spend countless hours figuring out how to setup your new TV or home entertainment system. Not to mention what compromises you are making by setting it up yourself, not knowing the best ways to do it for optimal performance etc. We simplify your life by providing a convenient solution, call us today!