Need Help with Wireless or Broadband?

We can repair, supply and install all types of Wireless Extenders, Boosters, Aerials and more!

Wireless and Home Broadband Installation

We can install and setup your new wireless router and phone system.

Wireless Extenders, Boosters and Aerials

Not receiving a perfect wireless signal? you might be looking to boost your wireless signal in your home or on a farm. We can supply and install all required equipment to get you the best signal possible.

House Wiring for Broadband / Ethernet ports

If your home or office requires some wiring for broadband access or more internet (ethernet ports) through-out. We can install any wiring and access ports you require.

On the farm?

Need to control an electric fence, a water pump or anything over the internet? We can supply and install the necessary wifi equipment to handle any task you require.